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Asphalt Driveway & Parking Lot Sealcoating and Paving

NC Asphalt and Sealcoating of Concord offers asphalt paving services to Commercial, Industrial, small businesses owners and Residential property owners alike.  Services offered to commercial clients are Pavement life extending Sealcoats, Parking Lot Repair, Parking Lot Resurface, Installation of large or small parking lots, pavement marking and building roadways for subdivisions or apartment complexes.  Asphalt Driveway Services we provide homeowners are Protective Driveway Sealcoating to improve longevity, Resurfacing, Design layout, New Installs, Grading for water runoff and patching cracks and potholes.  For decades, we’ve done the hard work, made sure our clients got what they expected and were treated well.  Most importantly, the few times a problem happen we returned and fixed it- no worries over our commitment.  After all, our reputation depends on our client’s satisfaction.

Concord Best Cost Asphalt Parking Lot Sealcoating

Asphalt Parking Lots start to deteriorate at exposure to UV-Rays, weather and level of traffic. This is plainly seen as the parking lot loses its deep black color and fades to grey.   Periodic application of a protective coating (Sealcoat) to the parking lot will slow the weathering process (oxidation) down extending its lifespan by another 8 to 10 years.  Professional Sealcoating mixes are often a closely held company secret but all contain anti-oxidation additives to provide a shield against sunlight, heat, rain, sleet, snow and stormy weather.  NC Asphalt and Sealcoating of Concord professionals suggest sealcoating a parking lot every 3 to 4 years.

 Asphalt Parking Lot Pro Sealcoating Advantages:

  1. Shield’s Pavement flexibility to ride out seasonal changes and traffic loads.
  2. Slight cracks and imperfections are filled and smoothly sealed- protecting the driveway’s foundation.
  3. Reflects Sunlight back to the sky
  4. Waterproofing against Weather events.
  5. Protection against gas and oil spills dissolving the asphalt cement.
  6. Driveway cleaning is easy because debris doesn’t stick and can be quickly swept or washed away.
  7. Brings back the beautiful deep black color of the pavement.
  8. Increases the Parking Lot functional life-span.


Cleaning Driveway before Sealcoating

Concord’s Best Cost Asphalt Driveway Sealcoating

The Pavement we call Asphalt is a combination of 95% stone, sand and occasionally fibers to give increased strength held together by 5% asphalt cement.  Asphalt cement is molten at temperatures above 250 which allows it to be combined with the aggregate mix. The Hot Asphalt Mix is then paved before it cools and hardens. As soon as Asphalt is laid, oxidization begins due to exposure to oxygen, UV-rays, hot temperatures and passage of time. The Black glue (asphalt cement) holding the pavement mix together is leached out by oxidization.  As the asphalt cement wears away, the stones are exposed allowing moisture to seep into the base weakening it till eventually the pavement above collapses into a pothole.  Sealcoating your driveway slows the rate of oxidization and if done periodically will extend the pavements functionality by years.

DIY Homeowners Sealcoating Mistaken Beliefs:

  1. Deep cleaning the driveway before sealcoat application is often considered not necessary– Sealcoat won’t bond on dirty pavement.
  2. Sealcoat formulations available at the home stores are inferior to Professional ones- they contain more Water.
  3. Cost savings are minor when compared to what professionals’ charge- especially for long driveways.
  4. Homeowners are unable to fix severe cracks but Professionals routinely make deep crack repairs before sealcoat application.
  5. Homeowners’ mistakenly think Sealant will fill in severe cracks but puddles of sealant don’t cure and could be tracked indoors.
  6. The vapors emitted during application can cause some homeowners to suffer skin rashes and respiratory troubles.


Parking Lot Patch Repair

Commercial Asphalt Parking Lot Repairs

Businesses should be aware of the terrible impression a broken parking lot will generate. Parents with small children, women in high heels, elderly and disable clients are often afraid to risk a personal injury by falling, no matter, how wonderful the business or service that lies ahead. Generally, a suitable competitor with a well-maintained parking lot lies nearby. In addition, these lots seem to inspire public dumping which attracts rodents along with possible bad behavior by some lawless people.  NC Asphalt and Sealcoating of Concord offers a free parking lot inspection to uncover what is causing the damage. Expert Asphalt Contractors understand the pattern of pavement damage points to the cause.  For example, Alligator cracking in a parking lot often means the pavement’s surface does not have a strong supportive subbase (the gravel layer directly under the asphalt pavement). Maybe, poor drainage has damaged the subbase or a too heavy load has traversed or rested on the pavement.  Garbage trucks can weigh as much as 2,000 cars and are a major cause of parking lot damage.  No matter, what the damage is we provide long-lasting repairs. Even if you think your asphalt pavement damage is beyond repair, don’t despair give us a call.  We are experienced pavers that can find an affordable way to fix most paving problems.

Asphalt Parking Lot Damage Routinely Repaired:

  • Potholes
  • Shallow or Fissure Cracks
  • Broken and Dangerous Pavement
  • Faded Parking Lot Striping for spaces, directional signs and Handicap markers
  • Edge Cracking
  • Puddles
  • Vehicle spills- gasoline, oil or other chemical spills
  • Parking Lot Maintenance Resealing or Sealcoating


Parking Lot Resurface

Best Local Cost Asphalt Parking Lot Resurfacing

Asphalt Pavement Resurfacing is a good solution for pavement that is oxidized- yet its subbase remains strong and solid.  Oxidization starts as soon as the pavement is laid due to sunlight and heat exposure which over time wears out the Flexible Asphalt black Binder or cement that holds the pavement together.  Resurfacing means replacing the top 2 inches of distressed asphalt pavement with 2 inches of newly paved hot asphalt mix. This repairs the cracks and pits in the old pavement and they won’t show up again for years- a less expensive solution to building a new parking lot that is attractive to many owners- especially to those with a large lot.  However, repairs to weak spots in the subbase (potholes) also has to be done so the resurface will be dependable for an appreciable amount of time.  Asphalt Resurfacing depends greatly on the effort spent in preparation which provides the basis for a long-lasting and beautifully smooth pavement.

Why Resurface a Parking Lot?

  1. Adds another 8 to 15 years to Lifespan
  2. Restores the just new look to an aging parking lot
  3. Generally, costs 1/3 total replacement
  4. Fast process over total replacement
  5. Brings Flexibility back to the pavement


Driveway Puddles need Repair

Affordable Pro Repairs Asphalt Driveway Cracks, Potholes…

For Asphalt driveways with minor cracking, slight depressions, and pitted pavement repairs are, normally, quick- apply crack sealer or hot asphalt patch and smooth.  However, severe damage such as potholes, alligator cracking and upheavals signify subbase damage and will require a more lengthy and costly repair process.  A full depth repair continues to remove all damaged material down to a strong subbase (gravel layer).  Then all pavement layers will be replaced and patched.  If the subbase is not repaired, damage will quickly return to the exact same spot- it’s called reflective cracking.  To schedule a free, no obligation consultation, contact us.

Asphalt Driveway Maintenance Do and Don’ts

  1. Residential Driveways are designed for passenger vehicles not Tree trimming trucks, garbage or moving vans- they cause stress fractures.
  2. Trees or shrubs planted near the driveway may send roots under the driveway causing pavement upheavals.
  3. Heavy trucks and campers parked on driveway causes ruts- to manage this put a ¾ inch 2-foot square piece of plywood under each tire to spread weight.
  4. Oil and Gasoline spills are not damaging in the short term but over a long period may cause the spot to become soft. Best to clean them up next day off.
  5. Diesel Fuel is a solvent for asphalt- immediately clean it off.


Milling off the Damaged Asphalt for a Resurface

Residential Driveway Resurfacing at Fair Cost

The best possible fix for an asphalt aging driveway with surface cracks too numerous to consider fixing would be a resurfacing because it is less expensive than a full tear out and reconstruction and can be done quickly.  Resurfacing makes the asphalt driveway look new. It is an attractive option for homeowners trying to upgrade their homes curb appeal before putting it on the market.  Resurfacing a deteriorating asphalt driveway means milling or shaving 2 inches of old pavement off and repaving a new layer.  Subbase damage should be repaired because if not corrected before the overlay, the problem will once again travel to the surface and damage the pavement- this is called reflective cracking.  Resurfacing a driveway is less expensive than a full reconstruction and is completed quickly. The attraction of paying a lot less money to essentially have a new looking driveway makes resurfacing very popular- which is why we do a lot of theses. Lifespan of a resurfaced driveway is extended by about 8 to 15 years.

When is it Proper to Resurface an asphalt Driveway?

  1. Constant minor cracking has become annoying and expensive to continually repair.  
  2. If the driveway is less than 20 years old, a resurface will extend its life.
  3.  A few repairs to the subbase are common but the rest of it needs to be strong. 
  4. The Driveway has faded to Grey showing loss of Asphalt cement and pavement flexibility.


Concord North Carolina

Concord North Carolina

Concord is a city in Cabarrus County North Carolina in the Piedmont region. The topography is a land of rolling hills and forests which offers opportunities for various outdoor activities.   In 1750 the area was settled by German, Scottish and Irish settlers.  The German and Celts had a long history of dispute over where the county seat should be located.  Finally, when the city site was successfully negotiated it was named Concord- which means Harmony.

Concord popular neighborhoods City Center, Wil-Mar Park, Route 601- Armentrout Drive, Pitts School Rd, Rock Hill Church and Route 29. It is the largest satellite city in the Charlotte Metro area.  The Economy is diverse: banking, manufacturing, motorsports, shipping and Atrium Health services.

Concord is the location of the Charlotte Motor Speedway which hosts 2 NASCAR races each year. Also, it is the headquarters for NASCAR Research and development which handles the touring and sportscar racing operations.  Several professional race teams Hendrick Motorsports, Roush Fenway Racing, Richard Petty Motorsports and Chip Ganassi Racing are active in the Speedway operations.  Bruton Smith in 1959 opened Speedway Motorsports, Inc which owns the speedway and Windshear – a wind tunnel facility used to test aerodynamics of the racing vehicles.