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Asphalt Driveways & Parking Lot Sealcoating and Paving in Highpoint, NC

NC asphalt Sealcoating and Paving team is eager to gain the trust of potential clients by sending friendly paving inspectors to your business or home for a free asphalt service estimate.  Professional services we provide for both commercial or residential clients are asphalt sealcoating services, crack and pothole repair, resurfacing or rehabilitation and new installations.  We are determined that our prices stay affordable so we suggest only those repairs that are necessary to maintain a dependable driveway or parking lot. Check us out and compare Quotes- don’t pay too much our asphalt repairs are made to last.  We provide service to all neighborhoods in High Point which includes City Center, Oakview, Coltranes Mill and Greensboro Rd.

No Sealcoat Versus Sealcoat

High Point, NC Asphalt Parking Lot Pro Commercial Sealcoating

Though Asphalt pavement is a durable material for parking lots, it will function better longer with a protective coat of Sealant.  As soon as Asphalt Pavement is laid, it begins to decay or oxidize.  This is caused by exposure to the ravishes of UV rays, rain, sleet, snow and chemical and vehicle spills.  These common oxidizers over time dissolves the asphalt cement (the black glue that holds the crushed rock and sand together) noticeable as the deep black color of the parking lot fades to grey.  As oxidization occurs, the pavement lose flexibility and cracks begin to form getting worse as vehicles drive on it.  Once water penetrates the subbase through cracks, the pavement destruction picks up speed and soon potholes form.  Generally, an asphalt parking lot, depending on quality of installation, will perform well for about 20 years.  However, if maintained through periodic sealcoating its lifespan could could double.  NC Asphalt and Sealcoating Paving in High Point encourages periodic sealcoating as an inexpensive maintenance option to increase the lifespan of your asphalt parking lot.

High Point, NC Parking Lot Sealcoating Benefits:

  1. Seals small cracks and fills minor pitting to protect against water infiltration.
  2. Contains anti oxidation additives to reflect UV-Rays back to the atmosphere.
  3. Provides a protective waterproof barrier.
  4. Vehicles spills of gas and oil are prevented from sinking into the pavement then easily washed away.
  5. Dirt and vegetative debris are easily blown or washed away.
  6. Restores its original handsome deep black color.
  7. Extends the Parking Lot original expected lifespan by nearly double.


Just finished Driveway Sealcoating

High Point, NC Asphalt Driveway Pro Sealcoating: Best Local Cost

New Asphalt Driveways can last 30 years or more when properly built and maintained with professional Sealcoating.  Asphalt is pliable which makes it more forgiving than concrete when it comes to heaving from freeze and thaw cycles making it a better choice for driveways in climates that experience winter.  Professional Sealcoating applied periodically will protect from the ravishes of UV rays, rain, sleet, snow, oil spills, gas spills and rain- these are common oxidizers that slowly dissolve the black asphalt cement glue that holds crushed rock and sand together.  Sealant contains anti-oxidation additives that form a barrier on the pavement to reflect UV-rays and repel moisture- this slows oxidation down to a snail’s pace.  Plus, Sealant fills in and seals small cracks and porous areas of pavement.  As an added benefit, this helps dirt and debris to be easily swept away.  Asphalt Service Professionals suggest Sealcoating be done every 2 to 3 years to obtained the maximum benefit.

DIY homeowners Sealcoating Disasters:

  1. Homeowners often skip cleaning the driveway before sealcoating – dirty areas don’t bond well.
  2. Professional Sealcoating Formulas are superior ones- they contain less water.
  3. Cost differences for professional Sealcoating versus DIY are minor or better- especially for long driveways.
  4. Homeowners’ often ruin their driveways using excessive Sealcoat wrongly thinking more is better- these puddles may never harden and sealant will be track to other surfaces.
  5. Sealcoat application odors often cause skin rashes and coughing.


Fixing Large Crack in Parking Lot

Parking Lots are the first introduction of clients to your services and how its perceived reflects upon you.  Ill maintained Parking Lots are dangerous to seniors, the disabled, mothers with young children and women in high heels because they are vulnerable to losing balance- falls on asphalt are unforgiving   Many Personal injury lawsuits have their beginnings in a parking lot most often due to standing water, potholes, uneven pavement and low lighting.  We offer affordable asphalt parking lot repairs for cracks, potholes, upheavals, pitting and others.  Contact NC Asphalt and Sealcoating in High Point for Parking Lot Paving services- these problems will quickly accelerate the pavements destruction if ignored.  Generally, repairs needed are either a surface patch or a full depth patch- one that also fixes the subbase.

NC Asphalt and Sealcoating Paving Parking Lot Repairs

  1. Ruts or tire tracks
  2. Fatigue/alligator Cracking
  3. Ponding or bird baths
  4. Potholes
  5. Upheaval (roots growing up from under pavement)
  6. Edge Cracks


High Point, NC Asphalt Driveway Budget Resurface

Residential clients faced with a deteriorating driveway want to have it replace with a completely new asphalt driveway but there’s another less expensive way to restore the driveway to a like new condition- it’s called Resurfacing.  Resurfacing basically removes 1.5 to 2 inches of the damaged pavement by milling or grinding it off then replacing it with a new surface layer of asphalt pavement. Warning! areas that show signs of subbase damage such as alligator cracking or potholes need repaired otherwise the same damage will reappear. This is called reflection – subbase damage reflects back up through the new asphalt layer.  Best to hire an asphalt contractor like NC Asphalt and Sealcoating Paving who understands the importance of subbase support and Driveway drainage.

Benefits of Driveway Resurfacing:

  1. Lengthens Driveway Lifespan
  2. Much Cheaper than a full Redo
  3. Curb Appeal is Restored
  4. Restores Driveways Flexibility
  5. Removes extensive cracking 


High Point North Carolina

The city of High Point is located in Piedmont Triad in Guilford County and portions extending into neighboring Forsyth, Randolph and Davidson counties.  It is the only city that extends into 4 counties of North Carolina.  It is the 9th most populous city in NC and the 259th largest city in America. This area is characterized by low rolling hills with mostly clay and some moderately fertile soils.  Major industries in High Point are furniture, textiles, and bus manufacturing.  High Point city slogan is “North Carolina’s International City” because of the twice-yearly High Point Furniture Market which attracts 1000,000 exhibitors and buyers from around the world. 

The city is called High Point because it’s located at the highest elevation of the 1856 North Carolina Railway between Charlotte and Goldsboro at the intersection of the 1852 Great Western Plank Road.  This central location along the Railroad gave easy access to transport local goods such as cotton and lumber as well import goods from other areas.

Plenty of attractions allow for many local entertainment opportunities and drive a thriving tourism industry:

BB&T Point baseball stadium for the High Point Rockers

High Point City Lake Park with 540-acre lake offering boating, fishing, paddle boats and picnic shelters.  It also has North Carolina largest swimming pool equipped with waterslide.

Museum of Old Domestic Life depicting Quaker life in homesteads in the colonial period.

Castle McCulloch Cold Mill started in 1832 as a primary gold processing center serving local gold mining operations.