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Asphalt Driveways & Parking Lot Sealcoating and Paving Services in Charlotte, NC

NC Asphalt and Sealcoating in Charlotte is an experienced asphalt paving team that offers Clients protective sealcoating applications, crack and pothole repairs, upheavals and resurfacing for their failing Parking Lots, community roads and Driveways.  We are eager to gain the trust of potential clients, commercial or homeowner, by sending superior consultants to provide onsite complementary asphalt service estimates. Areas we service run throughout Charlotte, NC which includes all of its neighborhoods like Myers Park, Cherry, Uptown and others.

You will not find another Asphalt contractor that will repair, resurface or replace your parking lot, private road or residential driveway the way the Asphalt industry expects cheaper than we will. Our estimates cover quality Asphalt hot mix, expert repairs that last and professional sealant formulations.   We are determined to offer quality asphalt services at the best cost in Charlotte and constantly review our operations for improvements over competitors.

Spraying Sealcoat on Parking Lot

Budget Asphalt Parking Lot Sealcoating

As soon as its paved, Asphalt pavement begins decay through oxidization (leaching) of the binder the black glue that holds the pavement mix of sand and gravel together. Oxidization is caused by the elements- UV-rays, rain, sleet, snow and freezing temperatures.  As the pavement oxidizes over time, it loses flexibility and the deep black color of pavement fades to light grey showcasing the loss of binder. Periodic Sealcoating of the parking lot can slow the rate of oxidization down to a crawl.  Generally, an asphalt parking lot, depending on quality of installation, will function well about 10 to 15 years.  However, if the parking lot is maintained by sealcoating every 2 to 3 years and repairing cracks quickly, its lifespan could be more than doubled.  NC Asphalt and Sealcoating Paving of Charlotte encourages periodic sealcoating as an inexpensive maintenance option to increase the lifespan of your asphalt parking lot.

Parking Lot Sealcoating Benefits:

  1. Professional Sealcoat will fill in and seal minor cracks and pitting
  2. Smooths slight irregularities in the pavement.
  3. UV-Rays are reflected back to the atmosphere.
  4. Creates a waterproof barrier.
  5. Spills can be easily washed away.
  6. Dirt is easily blown or washed away.
  7. Restores the deep black color.
  8. Extends the Parking Lot life-span.

Halfway done with Driveway Sealcoat

Charlotte Asphalt Driveway Pro Sealcoating Best Local Cost

NC  Asphalt and Sealcoating in Charlotte offers professional application of commercial sealcoating to protect and waterproof your asphalt driveway.   UV rays, sleet, snow, rain and oil and gas spills are common oxidizers that slowly leach out the asphalt binder (the black glue that holds the crushed rock and sand in the pavement together).  All Professional sealcoat formulations contain anti-oxidation and through periodic sealcoat applications it will slow oxidation, down to a snail’s pace.  Sealcoating fills and smooths surface cracks, small pockmarks and porous areas of the old asphalt effectually reproducing that like-new surface where dirt and debris easily washes off.  Sealcoating should be done every 2 to 3 years as suggested by most industry specialists.

The Truth about DIY Driveway Sealcoating:

  1. Homeowners mistakenly think cleaning the driveway before sealcoating is not necessary- sealcoat won’t bond in dirty areas.
  2. Sealcoat Products available to homeowners are inferior to Professional ones- they contain more water.
  3. Cost savings are minor compared to what Asphalt Contractors charge- especially for long driveways.
  4. Professionals will repair large cracks with Hot Rubber crack repair mix before sealcoating – often beyond the abilities of Homeowners.
  5. Homeowners’ wrongly think more sealcoat is better- thick globs of sealant may never harden and will track to other surfaces.
  6. Odors released during Sealcoat application often causes skin rashes and coughing.


Truck Spraying Sealcoat on Parking Lot

Asphalt Parking Lot Repairs Best Price in Charlotte, NC  

Uneven, Pothole pitted Parking Lots are dangerous to the elderly, mothers with young children and people with movement challenges because they risk injury navigating them.  Most at risk clients will just move down the road to another provider.  Many Personal injury lawsuits have their beginnings in a parking lot due to standing water, potholes, cracks and low lighting.  Plus, the lack of parking lot maintenance could lead to public health and safety violations.  Thriving businesses provide a welcoming and safe parking lot for the clients they serve. We offer asphalt parking lot repairs for cracks, potholes, upheavals and pitting.  Contact Charlotte Asphalt Parking Lot Paving- these problems will quickly accelerate the pavements destruction if ignored.   Generally, repairs needed are either a surface patch or a full depth patch that also fixes the subbase.

Common Parking Lot Faults We Repair:

  1. Ruts or depressions- caused by insufficient compaction or overloading.
  2. Fatigue Cracking commonly called alligator cracking indicates subbase damage.
  3. Pavement Raveling- pavement crumbling:  Aging pavement.
  4. Vehicle Petroleum spills- gasoline, oil will soften the pavement over time.
  5. Weather related cracks start out minor but get larger if ignored.


Milling a Few Inches of Surface Pavement off

Parking Lot Resurfacing: Best Cost in Charlotte, NC

Parking Lot Resurfacing is a less costly way to repair an existing parking lot by replacing the top layer of 1.5 to 2 inches of asphalt.  Basically, how this is done: a large construction truck with rotating cutters removes a specific depth of damaged pavement- this is called Milling.  Also, areas that signify damage travelling down into the subbase (potholes, alligator cracking) need repair because if not corrected before the repaving the damage will return.  Finally, the parking lot is repaved with quality hot asphalt mix and smoothly compacted.  Caution! the amount of time and effort spent in preparation will be the basis for how well the finished surface will look and how long it will last.  NC Asphalt and Sealcoating in Charlotte are conscientious contractors that take pride in a job well done and the complete satisfaction of clients.  Contact us to inspect your failing parking lot for free and evaluate it for a successful Resurfacing.  Clients are often thrilled with a, quickly done, like-new resurfaced lot had for less than half the cost of a complete tear out and rebuild.

Parking Lot Resurfacing Benefits:

  1. Adds additional 8 to 15 years to pavement lifespan
  2. Less than ½ the cost of total replacement
  3. Fast process compared to total replacement
  4. Flexibility and reduced road noise are restored
  5. Business owners appreciate a quickly done, like-new, parking lot at an affordable price.



Charlotte, NC Asphalt Driveway: Fair Cost Repairs

A Homes curb appeal is enhanced by a smooth pothole free driveway but harmed by a crumbling weed spotted one.  If you or your guests are constantly maneuvering to park away from the puddles, you need our help. This is especially true for a home on the market.  Because, buyers who see a badly maintained driveway will assume more of the same worrisome home maintenance is likely repeated inside.  Homeowners need to be aware that Driveway damage ignored will accelerate exponentially once cracks are severe enough water infiltrates the subbase (gravel Layer) beneath the pavement.  Don’t hesitate worrying over costs, contact NC Asphalt and Sealcoating for a complimentary driveway inspection and repair estimate.  Many of our clients are pleasantly surprise that driveway repairs are less costly than they imagine.

Residential Driveway Severe Crack Repair Methods:

  1. Crack Repairs in cold weather uses a pre-mixed cold patch compound- usually a temporary fix.
  2. When temperature are above 50 degrees a hot rubberized sealer (350 degrees hot) is used for a permanent fix.
  3. Hot Asphalt Mix is used to repair larger cracks.
  4. Infrared light Patching: Infrared light brings the damaged asphalt to a molten consistency to make a seamless repair.

Asphalt Driveway Resurface

Cost Friendly Asphalt Driveway Resurface

Many residential clients would like to install a completely new asphalt driveway in place of a faded grey and heavily cracked driveway.  But, when faced with the redo cost, they wonder if there is another way.  Resurfacing is a way of renewing a troubled driveway for an attractive cost about 1/3 of a tear out and rebuild.  Basically, a driveway resurfacing removes 1.5 to 2 inches of the damaged pavement by milling or grinding- very carefully to keep the driveway’s incline that helps it shed water.  Next, the pavement is cleaned of all debris, an adhesive (tack coat) is laid down and the new asphalt surface is applied in layers to match what was removed.  Warning! areas that indicated subbase damage like alligator cracking or potholes should be repaired otherwise the damage will again appear. This is called reflection – problems in the subbase reflect back up through the new asphalt layer. Best to hire an asphalt contractor like NC Asphalt and Sealcoating Paving who are experienced in the dynamics of subbase support.

When to Consider Driveway Resurfacing:

  1. Driveway is more faded grey than black.
  2. Surface cracking too widespread to consider repairing.
  3. Just a Few Pothole that can be easily repaired
  4. Ruts from Heavy Truck Tires
  5. Slight amount of ponding


North Carolina Charlotte City

Charlotte, North Carolina Basic Information

The city of Winston-Salem is located in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.  It is the most populous city and the 16th most populous city in the USA.  The city has 308.6 and it is located in the Piedmont Triad on a rise between two creeks Sugar and Irwin built on the remains or St. Catherine’s and Rudisill gold mines.  This area is characterized by low rolling hills with mostly clay and some moderately fertile soils. Charlotte development is due to the building of Highways, Railways and Air transportation hub as its rather void of waterways to transport goods.

Charlotte has 199 neighborhoods spreading out in a radial fashion from Uptown Biddleville including Johnson C. Smith University campus, Plaza-Mildwood, North Tryon and Sugar Creek. The South area contains shopping, restaurants and multifamily housing and near UNC Charlotte or University City lives many students, researchers and associated professionals.

Charlotte is home to large financial institutions such as Wachovia, BB&T, Wells Fargo and Bank of America making it a major USA financial hub for markets trading in sales, equity research and Investment banking.   It does have a diverse group of other manufacturers such as Snyder’s, Carolina Foods, Bojangles, Coco-Cola Bottler and Jeld-Wen windows.

Charlotte is the location for the base members of 75% of the NASCAR industry’s race teams along with the NHRA dragstrip which also is attractive to other professional drag racers.  The University of North Carolina located in Charlotte is known for the training of energy engineers and energy research.

Many attractions are available for local families and visitors from other states across the nation.

The Carolina Renaissance Festival one of the largest annual renaissance themed village marketplace, circus, jousting and feast which takes place on Saturdays and Sundays for the months of October and November.

NASCAR Hall of Fame is designed to entertain and inform on the local history of NASCAR. Get a chance to see memorabilia and enjoy hands on exhibits.